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Plant-Based Meat Will Soon Be Cheaper Than Animal Meat

. 2 min read . Written by Aladar
Plant-Based Meat Will Soon Be Cheaper Than Animal Meat

Say what? We’re living in a new era where people are choosing plant-based foods over their animal-based counterparts. An era where jackfruit sandwiches turn more heads than pulled pork. Where seared tofu is picked over a steak. Yes, the emerging plant-based trend is upon us, and so we’re here for it! What may be the reason besides the fact that plant-based foods taste just as good as meat? From the laws of supply and demand, the rising desire for plant-based foods is slowly, but surely making it more affordable.

According to Liz Speech, Ph.D., senior scientist at a food non-profit good food institute, plant-based meat will soon be cheaper than animal meat. In the past, the price of plant-based meat was so high because the research and development that go into developing meat-alternatives were new and costly. In order to meet the demand of consumers, but still, turn a profit, large companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods had to price their product at a rate they think is reasonable to scale while still keeping costs affordable. It seems their selfless sacrifices have finally paid off.

Beyond Meat continues to experiment with alternative ingredients like lupin and sunflower seeds, instead of rice and peas, to bring costs even lower. We’re waiting for the day when Beyond Meat gains so much popularity, they’re able to figure out how to efficiently scale their production and satisfy the demand while lowering prices. Since price is a barrier for many consumers, this new era of cheaper plant-based foods makes it more accessible and affordable. This means, more people will have the opportunity to eat better for the planet.

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Why is this a win for the environment? Think about it this way: growing crops to feed humans creates less of an impact than growing crops for animals to eat and then turning those animals into food for humans to eat. Animal-based products require much more resources to raise and process. Plant-based foods, on the other hand, removes that extra layer of energy used.

The best part is, meat alternatives aren't just loved by vegans - omnivores loved them too! We're not asking for everyone to give up meat, but we hope that people try to reduce their intake of it to reduce their impact on the environment. As more people become interested in a healthier plant-based diet, it is only a matter of time before the cost of plant-based foods become affordable and available for everyone to enjoy.

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