Real Vegans: Nkoyo Adakama

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Real Vegans: Nkoyo Adakama

Welcome back to the Real Vegans Series AND HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY! In honor of International Women's Day, we're featuring a brand new women-led company: Compassion Meals, led by Nkoyo Adakama!

Compassion Meals is a line of plant-based prepared meals made by Nkoyo herself! Check out all the yummy Compassion Meals we now carry here!

Without further ado, Nkoyo Adakama:

How long ago did you become vegan?

I’ve been vegan for 1 ½ years.

Why did you become vegan?

I became vegan because I was literally dreaming about it every night. I was having dreams about fruits and vegetables for about 4-5 months and I didn’t understand why. But one day, I followed someone on social media and they posted a vegan documentary. I watched it that night and when I woke up the next morning, I went vegan and have been ever since!

Was it difficult transitioning?

No! It was the easiest thing I have ever done!

Were your family and friends supportive?

Yes! Everyone around me was super supportive. I also inspired everyone around me to give up meat - I couldn’t believe I was having such an impact on people!

Was it difficult finding vegan foods?

Not really! But the first couple months I cooked at home.

Did you know what to eat?

Yes, I came up with a set menu for myself.

Do you have any tips for new vegans?

My #1 tip for new vegans would be to download an app called Happy Cow! It shows you all the vegan restaurants in your area, what places offer vegan items and even grocery stores in your area with vegan finds! Another tip would be to look up recipes online or on social media that show you quick, simple delicious vegan recipes. You should also try to plan ahead so you don’t get overwhelmed in the kitchen, then from there you will start to gain confidence in yourself and start getting more creative!

Anything you wish you would have known?

I wish I would have realized honey wasn't vegan sooner! I was eating something with honey and my friend informed that it wasn't vegan - I wanted to cry! Luckily, that was during my first week of being vegan and I never made that mistake again :)

Do you mostly cook or go out to eat?

Its 50/50 with me! I love cooking at home but I also love going to my favorite places I just have to have!

What is your go-to meal?

My go-to meal is definitely a quick stir fry!

What is the one item always on your grocery list?

One thing always on my list is vanilla almond milk. I make a smoothie or nice cream everyday so I have to have it!

Favorite guilty vegan food pleasure?

My guilty vegan food pleasure is definitely this crispy orange tofu that comes out literally sizzling on a cast iron pan with white rice! I wish I wouldn’t have tried it, because I literally have to have it every week now!

What are some of your favorite Mylk Guys items?

My fav Mylk items would definitely be Miyoko’s cheese wheels! I always have to have their cheese with crackers for an afternoon pick me up. I also love NadaMoo ice cream. Their products are so delicious, rich and creamy! Who wouldn’t want that?!

Is there any food you miss that you can't find now that you're vegan?

The only thing I haven’t found is a Chick-Fil-A type of chicken sandwich! But I’m so optimistic that I will come across one, one day and my life will be forever changed!

What is your favorite restaurant with vegan options?(outside of Compassion, of course!)

My favorite restaurant with vegan options is hands down Mission Chinese located on Mission St. in San Francisco. It’s the best food I’ve ever tasted in my life! Everyone must try it! Especially their ‘thrice cooked rice cakes’, ‘mapo tofu’, ‘market greens’ and ‘Mongolian long beans’. Seriously LIFE CHANGING!!

Favorite vegan brands or businesses?

Any vegan brand or business is my favorite! We’re all in this together trying to make a difference in the world :)

Favorite celebrity vegan?

Hmm.. not too sure!

What gives you hope as a vegan?

What gives me hope is that more and more businesses are adding vegan options to their menu and acknowledging that there is a plant-based/vegan revolution happening right now and it's only going to keep progressing. Vegans are taking over and I’m loving every second!

What can the vegan community be doing to make it easier for others to transition to a vegan diet?

Welcome them with no judgement! Also answer any questions transitioning vegans may have and remember that no question is a dumb question. We all have to start somewhere, and loving each other and lifting each other up is a great place to start. Have compassion! :)

What inspired you to start Compassion Meals?

Everyone around me! I noticed I was inspiring people so much and changing their lives, and I was also having such drastic results myself physically (I lost over 80 pounds!) and mentally. I was feeling so amazing that I couldn’t help but share with the world!

What's your favorite item out of our Mylk Exclusive Compassion Meals selection?

My favorite item on the menu is….can I just say all of it? :) Each item matches my different moods. I may want an eggless salad sandwich spread one minute then feel like having a fully loaded breakfast burrito the next. I just love to eat, but don’t we all?!

How yummy does all that food look!? Such delicious and convenient meals, we love it. Check out all our women led brands here! Happy International Women's Day Mylk Fam!